Name: Shahbaz Khan Durrani
Country: Pakistan
Intro: Hello.
I live in Khuzdar, Balochistan this town is located in centre of Pakistan. I am 30 years old. I am a civil engineer by profession.

I have liked to start photography as hobby from a very young age but was not able to do so but on 19 march 2005 I decided and went to buy an Olympus 750C-UZ, but instead on buying this I end up buying a film camera IS5000 because it has 28-140mm lens.

Since that day I have taken many photos. Now my uncle has given me his Nikon FM, With it he gave me a Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 & Zoom-Nikkor 43-86mm f/3.5. This camera he bought in 1984 and only used it for 2 rolls only. He also gave me a medium format Rolleicord which needs a little bit of cleaning.

I use a lot of film but get it developed after 3-4 months when ever I go to Karachi.

Now I have decided to turn to digital as well so I want to buy a D70s.
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Camera: Olympus m-mini, Nikon FM, Olympus IS-5000, Olympus IR-300, Rolliecord Twin Lens Reflex
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