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christopher beeverName: christopher beever
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Hello all,my name is chris beever and i love everything about the natural world,probably like most of you out there i found my inspiration by watching wildlife documentaries and as soon as i was old enough to venture further than my local pond i began to travel to wild places in search of fine landscapes and of course the wildlife that lives there,my travels have taken me far and wide and i am now the proud owner of a new website with over 8000 images,please feel free to browse my images and i welcome all feedback.
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Camera: Canon 400D eos
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United Kingdom
Title: Old red foxCanon 400D eos
Old red fox (2)
eagerbeever (12)
United Kingdom
Title: A Bonnie Scottish OtterCanon 400D eos
A Bonnie Scottish Otter
eagerbeever (12)
United Kingdom
Title: Red deer stagCanon 400D eos
Red deer stag (10)
eagerbeever (12)
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