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Intro: My Photographic Experience

As I think most of us of my era did, I started with a little camera that took tiny black and white pictures. After a time I found these could be ordered at a reasonable size. I hankered to take pictures in colour. My motherís father had done some photography in the early days of the art and I have lantern slides and pictures he took. My father was not happy with a camera for reasons I canít explain. He was and artist and good at mechanical things as well. The result of this was that our first real camera came into my hands. My father would stand by and give directions while I took the pictures. We took slides and I never graduated to anything else. My husband and I ended up with a Canon EOS SLR. It had lots of lenses and I loved it. Ed let me take most of the pictures. After he died I found the camera and all its attachments harder and harder to carry around. Slide film was getting difficult to buy and more expensive when you could. I bought my first digital and what an experience that was! I had never been good at taking people but now I can take so many pictures I can get at least a few good ones. All the same I still love taking nature pictures. I have always taken wildflowers and carry right on with my digital I canít have an SLR for which I am sorry but I canít carry it any more than I can carry my old one. Thus my close-ups suffer. I have a cottage on Georgian Bay and I belong to several nature groups also several art groups so I have plenty of opportunity to take pictures outdoors. I often take pictures to complement my paintings. My knowledge of art gives me an opportunity to critique my photos just as I would my paintings. Of course I take pictures to get a record and forget to think about the composition. Thatís when Phtotoshop comes in handy. I hope I can keep on taking pictures for a long time to come and enjoy fooling with them when I get them home. Just like my paintings.
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