emir yukselName: emir yuksel
Country: Turkey
Intro: who am I?
what am I doing?
actually I don't know..
sometimes there is something in my brain and I cannot represent it with another thing..without captured it on a film!!
sometimes it is a mountain,sometimes just a friend!
anyway my plan is:'no home direction'..just me,my camera and films...
in addition;I wanna be what I am-forever!
Member Since: 2005-01-01
Camera: Canon EOS 300, porst reflex-cx4
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eyuksel (31)
Title: a tree and its childrenporst reflex-cx4
a tree and its children
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Title: spermophilus_xhanthoprymnus-01Canon EOS 300
spermophilus_xhanthoprymnus-01 (6)
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