Name: Fehmi Murat KAYA
Country: Turkey
Intro: Hello everybody;

I was born 1969 in «orum but I live in Samsun at 1992. Iím married. I have got 3 children.

I like taking photos. It is my hobby. My favorite photos are macro and wide angle. But I generally like all photos.

My web page address: It is Turkish. I am planning take English at closest time.
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Camera: Canon 20D, Canon Powershot A620, Zenit 122
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Title: Mum give me!.Canon Powershot A620
Mum give me!. (8)
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Title: Black RedstartCanon 20D
Black Redstart
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Title: Cell Eyes - 02Canon Powershot A620
Cell Eyes - 02 (4)
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