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Gerda KettnerName: Gerda Kettner
Country: United States
Intro: Hello

Here are some of my photos from my hiking trips 2007- 2008 in Northern Illinois I couldn't decide which to upload first so I am starting out with State Parks and Nature Centers first and Forest Preserves.
From March 07 till the end of June of 2008 I managed to hike 720miles of various terrains and no matter what the weather was like, did a lot of hiking in the fall and wintertime, quite an accomplishment for me
At the time I am using a Sony Cybershot nothing fancy, I never use the zoom because I don't like it but the macro seems to work fine on it.
Any images are close up I am mostly likely at the watersedge or in it.
I majored in Geography in 1973 education received in Germany.
I was born in Germany grew up in Siegen and Brachbach have been in the US for almost 30years now.
My dad was a Forest Ranger in Siegen (he past away in 1967) and I suppose that is why I love Nature so much too, I like being outside rain or shine.
I grew up mainly in forest regions but I also enjoy the marshes, ponds and lakes since Northern Illinois has so much of them.
I have some catching up to do see all the wonderful images of our world.

I am also a member of trek earth and pbase

Thanks for viewing
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