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Name: Dane Gardner
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Hello everyone,i live in Dorset and used to do a bit of photography about 25year's ago,now i am hooked again!I own a Nikon D40 with a tamron 70-300mm lens,but this is not auto focus on my Nikon D40,so saving hard for an auto focus!I love to be outdoor's with my family and like wildlife,especially british bird's,thank's for looking Dane.
Member Since: 2008-04-30
Camera: Nikon D40
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United Kingdom
Title: GreenfinchNikon D40
Greenfinch (2)
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United Kingdom
Title: BlackbirdNikon D40
Blackbird (4)
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United Kingdom
Title: BluebellsNikon D40
Bluebells (4)
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