David BoswellName: David Boswell
Country: United States
Intro: Hello All,

A trip to Costa Rica in Jan. 06 is what stimulated me to buy an SLR. Since then I have been experimenting, learning on the fly and reading various photo mags to become more proficient and artistic with my camera.

I am hoping that I can learn even more here, with the opportunity to have knowledgable people critique my work.

I am working on a web site and have a partial one up at jamfest.home.comcast.net where I have a few things not posted here up.
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Costa Rica
Title: Time for Crab CakesCanon Digital Rebel XT
Time for Crab Cakes (2)
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Title: Saddle-Backed TamarinCanon Digital Rebel XT
Saddle-Backed Tamarin (2)
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Costa Rica
Title: MonarchCanon Digital Rebel XT
Monarch (2)
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