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Name: James Grossi
Country: United States
Intro: My name is Jim and am an avid photo buff. Strictly amature but loving every minute of it and learning all I can. When I travel I always have my camera ready. Feel free to critque any of my photos, I find this a great learning tool.
Member Since: 2007-05-06
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Sony Cybershot DSC-P200, Sony Dsc F-717
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United States
Title: ArchesSony Cybershot DSC-P200
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jegrossi (27)
United States
Title: Yellowstone LakeSony Cybershot DSC-P200
Yellowstone Lake (4)
jegrossi (27)
United States
Title: Yosemite FallsSony Dsc F-717
Yosemite Falls (4)
jegrossi (27)
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