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Jim WilsonName: Jim Wilson
Country: United States
Intro: I usually do not set out with a specific goal in mind when I decide to spend time with my photography. If something comes to me, I will work with that idea for a while. I may see a building that intrigues me which will set me off on taking architectural details. Or, I may discover a new flower, or decide to head for the woods. I like to just go with what feels right at the time.

My work tends to focus on the environment since I enjoy being outdoors. I have always taken pictures and have, from time to time, felt inspired to take a lot of pictures. Then I may go through a period when I am not seeing in a way that inspires me. I like to just go with it, even if ‘it’ is nothing. (Although now that I am retired I hope to be able to have time to take a lot more photos).

I always look for ways to improve and to see things differently and my goal is to have others see something in my photographs that will speak to them. What the photo says may not be what was intended, but if it speaks then I have achieved something.

I look forward to your critiques whether positive or negative. That's how I learn. Thank you.
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