Kenneth Jo DelesName: Kenneth Jo Deles
Country: Philippines
Intro: I'm a Filipino born in the year 1975. I presently live in Silang, Cavite which is in the northern part of the Philippines. I grew up in Bacolod, Negros Occidental, which is located in the central part of the Philippines (where I was born), but spent most of my teen years in Mindanao 'til i finished college in Valencia, Bukidnon (southern part). So, basically i've covered most part of the Philippines. Living in a country such as mine, which is located in the tropics has lots of advantages. The diversity of the flora and fauna is just amazing. My love for photography has been with me ever since i was a little boy. I have an uncle who was a professional photographer and would let me use his non-digital SLR camera. But it was through my dad where i developed the love and passion for nature. He was a BS Biologist and a Medical Technologist as well. He nurtured my love for the things around me and how to take care of mother nature.

Recently, I received a digital camera present from my girlfriend. Oh, how i loved to take it with me wherever i go. It just made taking pictures easier and discover things around me up close and personal!

I hope to share the beauty of my country and the grandeur of the wonderful world of nature through the lens.

Thanks for critiques and comments that helps me improve the way i capture nature's beauty.

Hope you'll enjoy my photos as much as i have enjoyed the rest of TrekNature.

Best regards,

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