K H FungName: K H Fung
Country: China
Intro: I am a medical doctor, a digital artist working at the intersection of art & science and an amateur photographer. I was thrilled to come across this website to see wonderful images of nature. So I show no hesitation in joining this big family on the WWW to share my experience.
People often ask me what camera I am using, but my answer always surprise them. I like to use small inexpensive cameras. I concentrate more on photography as an art instead of caring about all the technical details.
Treknature provides me with the oppurtunity to see wonderful photos of nature and enhance my knowledge about this interesting world.
Thanks all for sharing your precious experience.
Member Since: 2007-05-15
Camera: Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5
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Title: Australian Pelican
Australian Pelican (2)
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Title: Blue-throated Barbet
Blue-throated Barbet (4)
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Title: Yellow-faced Myna
Yellow-faced Myna
khfung (50)
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