Name: Kim Cameron
Country: United States
Intro: Wow! I had no idea this site existed. I have been a member of TrekLens since 9/2005 and was reading a critique on one of my daughter's photos and the person referred to this site. Exactly what I've wanted. Most of my photography is of nature. I haven't submitted anything to TrekLens lately since that's all I seem to have that I want to share. I am an amateur photographer, but am getting better (trying). I need some input and helpful critiques on my shots and the people here are oriented and appreciate nature shots. There is so much natural art in this world that many people either just don't see or they don't appreciate the awesome nature of the world. I think I can feel at home here and I might not be so hesitant to post "another" nature shot!!
Member Since: 2006-03-07
Camera: Canon Powershot A75, Kodak EasyShare CX4310
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Title: Missouri Winter SunriseCanon Powershot A75
Missouri Winter Sunrise (2)
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Title: West to EastCanon Powershot A75
West to East (2)
kimcama (30)
United States
Title: Shoot the MoonCanon Powershot A75
Shoot the Moon
kimcama (30)
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