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Name: Kinson chan
Country: China
Intro: I live in Hong Kong. Taking photos for serveral years. However, I just start to be serious about it after trips to Tibet, XinJiang, etc. in the last 2 years.

I have always had a film camera of some sorts. But in the last few months have I been spending enought time on it with my new D200. I call it a hobby but my wife will like to say an obsession.

Trek earth is great and is teaching me a alot on photography. I also can view the beauty of the world that shared by the members.

Your notes, advices and workshops are very appreciated. I am extremly enjoy reading advices from you that pointing out my weakness.

Cheers and enjoy the life of photography.

I also post photos in Trekearth account.
Member Since: 2006-04-11
Camera: Nikon D200, Nikon F-100
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