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Laura NichollsName: Laura Nicholls
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Hello!

I came across the "Trek..." websites a while back for two reasons: my interest in photography and my recently-discovered love of drawing (mainly charcoal drawings of animals).

The amazingly beautiful and crisp photographs that are to be found here have become fantastic subjects for my drawings. The sites, it seems, are an Aladdin's Cave of inspiration. Well, it's not often you come across a Koala or Lemur in Weston-super-Mare...

I also love photography and am hoping to improve my skills with a camera. I hope you enjoy my photos.
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United Kingdom
Title: Fantastic Mr...Frog?
Fantastic Mr...Frog? (2)
lauranic86 (16)
United Kingdom
Title: The Sneaky Little So-&-So!!
The Sneaky Little So-&-So!! (2)
lauranic86 (16)
United States
Title: The Ripple
The Ripple
lauranic86 (16)
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