Saju DasName: Saju Das
Country: India
Intro: Hi,
I'm from the south of the vast and beautiful country called India.
My passions include driving and photograpy. All my photos were taken during the jolly drives on my "Trusty Steed". Thats my rusty old bike!!!
Just started photography as a hobby... please let me know of anything, good or bad that you find about my photos...
The critiques will be used for the enhancements of my future posts!!!!!!
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Camera: Olympus C760 UZ
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Title: Sweet MorningOlympus C760 UZ
Sweet Morning
leosaju (35)
Title: Fluttery!!!
Fluttery!!! (2)
leosaju (35)
Title: Mmmm...Lunch!!!Olympus C760 UZ
Mmmm...Lunch!!! (2)
leosaju (35)
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