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Name: marnic goeteyn
Country: Belgium
Intro: Born in 1961, in Belgium, Flanders, I always like taking photos. In 1999 I got my first digital camera, a HP318, where no settings can be changed. You turn the camera until you get the best view. Recently, april 2007, I bought another digital camera. Where I can superzoom, a few cm. from the object. I alwys liked nature, so I got wild with the zoom. I'm still learning to understand my camera, and also learning to take better photos. So if anyone wants to write a critical note by a photo, feel free to do so. One critisism I get from my photos on trekearth is that after resizing my photo, it looses its sharpness. i'm trying to correct that, but once again, I'm still learning.
Member Since: 2007-06-20
Camera: Canon EOS 450D, Fuji FV100, hp photosmart 318, Olympus SP550UZ
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