Name: Lorna Glase
Country: United States
Intro: Hi!

I'm a beginner at photography, but have always had an appreciation for the craft. I've learned so much from TrekNature and Trekearth, and I hope I can give back a fraction of what this wonderful community has given me.

Thanks for looking!
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Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC-H5
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United States
Title: White Tailed DeerSony Cybershot DSC-H5
White Tailed Deer (2) RP
lglase (38)
United States
Title: Pear Tree BlossomsSony Cybershot DSC-H5
Pear Tree Blossoms (1)
lglase (38)
United States
Title: Spring blossomSony Cybershot DSC-H5
Spring blossom (2)
lglase (38)
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