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Liesbeth van ReesName: Liesbeth van Rees
Country: Netherlands
Intro: I've been making photo's since 1979, first with the Olympus Trip 35, later switching to reflexcamera. Pentax ME Super and after I realise I got more and more problems of see if the focus was sharp enough, I changed to autofocus and now to the digital. Canon EOS 300D. I was making a lot of pictures already with the analog, but now with the digital -special in holidays - I made even more. I like to make pictures of animals, free or in zoo's. I try also to make landscape pictures, but with them I'm not completely satisfied. So I think I'll learn from Trek Nature.
Member Since: 2005-04-02
Camera: Canon EOS 300, Canon EOS300D
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Title: butterflyCanon EOS300D
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Title: brushesCanon EOS 300
brushes (8)
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Title: Who are you looking at?Canon EOS300D
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