Levend IskitName: Levend Iskit
Country: Turkey
Intro: Travelling and photography are two hobbies that I've developed over the years. I have travelled to 66 countries so far, still a lot to go! I started developing my photography hobby more seriously after 2003. Started more like storytelling of our trips, evolving to one of the main targets of travelling. I consider myself as a serious amateur photographer. I love travelling to less visited countries and regions where both people and nature are extraordinary, taking pictures of daily life, religious sites/rituals and nature. I do not digitally modify my pictures more than trimming or very basic light correction. My target is to learn from other great photographers at this site, enjoy their pictures and hope that they would enjoy some of mine.


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Camera: Canon EOS 300D, Canon EOS 40D, Canon EOS 5D
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Title: Morning on the NileCanon EOS 5D
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