Name: Liz QQ
Country: Canada
Intro: Hi my name is Liz

I love travel, the outdoors, adventure and recently after buying a Canon Rebel XT SLR, photography.
I'm still learning! I recently have been doing alot of traveling to such places as The Canadian Rockies, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota. As a result, I have taken many photos. My goal is to travel and photograph the world. There so many places to explore but just not enough time and MONEY! I'm working on both these things. I feel most alive when I am on my travels and meeting so many people and experiencing so many things.

Please visit my website for more photos of my travels
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Title: Spray River, Banff
Spray River, Banff (2)
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Title: Consolation Lake
Consolation Lake (4)
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Title: Takakkaw Falls
Takakkaw Falls
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