Mark LeeName: Mark Lee
Country: Australia
Intro: I really enjoy travelling, and have recently started to take my photography more seriously. I am looking forward to improving my skills.

I noticed a huge change in the style and quality of my photos after buying a digital camera a few years ago and amazed at what can be achieved with a basic camera. I really like being able to fit my camera in my pocket as I take the majority of my photos while I am travelling.

My current goal is to be able to use Photoshop for editing. At the moment I am using simple software that has some frustrating limitations.

Thanks for visiting my profile and if you are interested in my other photos you can have a look here:

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Title: Stick InsectCanon PowerShot s230
Stick Insect (8)
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South Africa
Title: The Giraffe and MeCanon PowerShot s230
The Giraffe and Me (6)
mago Silver Note Writer [C: 2 W: 2 N: 12] (86)
Title: PrayingCanon PowerShot s230
Praying (2)
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