Mathieu ArnoldName: Mathieu Arnold
Country: France
Intro: Photography started early, at the end of 1980 (I was born in 1978). I got a nice small red compact camera, which I used during holidays.

While Growing up, I lost interest, and I went back when I got my first Canon IXUS Digital (the first model) around 2001. I then got an IXUS v3 as a remplacement when some repair shop lost my old IXUS (they've been nice on this). This summer, I offered a Canon EOS 300D to my girlfriend, which I find good enough. I bought recently a Canon IXUS 850 IS which I find really nice, and I always carry it with me.

I discovered TE/TL/T* while talking with an old friend of mine, green, in a "café" near les halles in Paris.

In life, I'm a software developper, security manager, system admin, etc, in my company, Absolight.
Member Since: 2004-07-30
Camera: Canon EOS 300D, Canon Ixus 850 IS, Canon IXUS v3
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Title: Polar bear taking a sun bathCanon EOS 300D
Polar bear taking a sun bath
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Title: BirdCanon IXUS v3
Bird (6)
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Title: White bear watching touristsCanon IXUS v3
White bear watching tourists (2)
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