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Name: Deb Freele
Country: Canada
Intro: I'm just starting to play around with digital photography. I am just using a Kodak P850 for the time being and trying to learn about what makes a good photo. I'm hoping that one day I can move up to a more serious camera with some serious lens power. lol
Member Since: 2008-03-10
Camera: Kodak Easyshare P850
Note: None
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United States
Title: Astyanax
Astyanax (16)
matokuwapi (20)
United States
Title: Au Sable Brook TroutKodak Easyshare P850
Au Sable Brook Trout (2)
matokuwapi (20)
Title: Red TrilliumKodak Easyshare P850
Red Trillium (2)
matokuwapi (20)
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