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Name: Dylan McCormick
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: I was a student at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. I am an amateur photographer and only started taking pictures that weren't "snap-shots" when I got a digital camera in June 2003. I would like to maybe get into the field of professional photography, as well as 'digital enhancement' to get some perfect photos. So please, crit away at my stuff. Anything constructive that I can work on in my quest for better photo's will be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
Member Since: 2004-08-26
Camera: Canon Powershot G3, Canon Powershot G5
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South Africa
Title: Honey BeeCanon Powershot G3
Honey Bee (10)
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United Kingdom
Title: Night TreeCanon Powershot G5
Night Tree (7)
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South Africa
Title: SpiderCanon Powershot G3
Spider (12)
mccdyl001 (29)
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