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Jennifer TaylorName: Jennifer Taylor
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Photography student - 2nd year at the University College for the Creative Arts, Rochester.

Mostly work with digital, but some film occasionally.

My interest in photography has to have started with my dad, who has always taken wonderful images for as long as I remember and more. My mum has also started taking pictures, and they are both members of this site. I have always used a camera for holiday snaps, and shots of friends from a young age, and have been encouraged and helped on by parents to continue my love of photography.

My website is:

Member Since: 2007-10-14
Camera: Canon 400D Digital, Olympus OM-10
Note: None
Viewed: 1997
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United Kingdom
Title: sunset over rochesterCanon 400D Digital
sunset over rochester
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United Kingdom
Title: sitting in someones gardenCanon 400D Digital
sitting in someones garden (4)
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United Kingdom
Title: hilly hillCanon 400D Digital
hilly hill (4)
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