Name: Jeff Mills
Country: United States
Intro: Hi my name is Jeff i live in Florida near Fort Lauderdale. I have always loved taking photos and hope to improve with the help of the Critiques here on Treknature. Please all Critiques are welcome.
See you around
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Camera: Canon Powershot G10, Canon Powershot SD1100 IS, Nikon Coolpix 4500, Nikon D-200, Nikon D300 with MB_D10, Nikon N70
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United States
Title: Sparkling VioletearNikon D300 with MB_D10
Sparkling Violetear (4)
mud (24)
United States
Title: Broad Tail HummingbirdNikon D300 with MB_D10
Broad Tail Hummingbird
mud (24)
United States
Title: Honey BeeNikon N70
Honey Bee (8)
mud (24)
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