Name: Murali Sivaramakrishnan
Country: India
Intro: MURALI SIVARAMAKRISHNAN poet, artist, and critic—Professor and former Head of the Department of English, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry, India--is the author of The Mantra of Vision: An Overview of Sri Aurobindo’s Aesthetics (1997) and a number of critical essays and four volumes of poetry--Night Heron (1998);Conversations with Children (2005);Earth Signs (2006);The East-Facing Shop and other Poems (2010). His poems have been noted for their genuineness of feeling and sensitivity to form. MURALI SIVARAMAKRISHNAN is the founder President of ASLE India (Association for the Study of Literature and Environment). He has travelled widely and participated in several conferences and workshops within the country and abroad. Murali has held more than 14 solo exhibitions of his works in India and abroad. Murali’s work-- a sculpture (cast in fibre) of Prof CD Narasimhaiah--adorns the conference hall of Dhvanyaloka, Centre for Indigenous Arts, Mysore. Murali has authored over 100 research papers and his academic publications include: Figuring the Female: Women’s Discourse, Art and Literature (2005) co-edited; Tradition and Terrain: Aesthetic Continuities (2005) co-edited; Nature and Human Nature: Literature, Ecology, Meaning (2008); Learning to Think like Myself (2010); Ecological Criticism for the Present: Literature, Nature and the Critical Inquiry (co-edited) (2011), Image and Culture :The Dynamics of Literary, Aesthetic and Cultural Representation (2011). Inter-Readings: Text, Context, Significance (co-edited) (2012).

He can be reached at [email protected]

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