Norman RaeName: Norman Rae
Country: Canada
Intro: Originally from Mauritius, I have lived in Montreal, Canada since the 1960s. My interest in photography goes back a long way and seems always hampered by work and other pre-occupations. I started digital photography about three years ago and must admit that there is no looking back. Thanks to John Stewart (TE), I have renewed my interest in photography. A "legacy" collection of slides and photos represents a large conversion task in the months ahead. I look forward to sharing ideas with other "Treknature" members and improving my "eye" for colour, texture and shapes and digital photo techniques!
Member Since: 2005-01-29
Camera: Canon PowerShot S100, Olympus C765 UZ, Panasonic DMC L1, Panasonic Lumix FZ18
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Title: Among cedar trees
Among cedar trees (2)
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Title: Green frogOlympus C765 UZ
Green frog
nrae (24)
Title: Mushroom steps
Mushroom steps (2)
nrae (24)
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