Name: cris Pac
Country: Italy
Intro: my name is Cristina and I was born in Rome. I've been living in Amsterdam for the past 11 years but I travel very often for work and for pleasure. I just recently joined Treknature and I consider it a fantastic way of sharing experiences, emotions and information. what I love about photography is that it gives me the opportunity of capturing fragments of reality and freezing them in time. I like patterns,symmetry, details, colours and dramatic light. feel free to speak your mind about my photos, feedback is always welcome.
I also have a Trekearth and a Treklens account, under the same nickname(papera).
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Costa Rica
Title: deep orange
deep orange (6)
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Costa Rica
Title: metamorphosis
papera (10)
Costa Rica
Title: sleeping beauty
sleeping beauty (4)
papera (10)
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