Name: Prema H Gunawardane
Country: Sri Lanka
Intro: For my 12th birthday I was giffted a Yashika Electrolux (which I still use occationaly)and was introduced to the lovely world thruogh the lens by two lovely people who has influenced my life in more ways than one... Although I did a little bit of everything back then I did not really get going till I purchased my present camera Nikon F80 in 2002..... I have a Sigma 17-35mm, Nikor 28-80, Nikor 70-300mm and a Nikor 50mm... I work in Dubai as a banker and have traveled around the gulf countries....Most of my photographs shown on this site consists of wild life,the nature and the daily life of Srilanka (my home country)....

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Camera: Nikon F80
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Sri Lanka
Title: PlayfulNikon F80
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Sri Lanka
Title: Thalagoya
Thalagoya (2)
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Sri Lanka
Title: Kana Irrichcha AthaNikon F80
Kana Irrichcha Atha (2)
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