Name: Arman Taylo
Country: Philippines
Intro: I learned photography not from school but from constant practice and research. I remember having my first digital cam way back 2004, it was just a regular Point and shoot Olympus Camera.

I took photos of buildings or architectures most of the time and show them to my friends for comments, so far the comments were good... but it was not that serious, it all started early 2009 that I really felt the addiction to it, maybe for one I was dwelling into other things in the past with hobbies like Airsoft and Computer games... it is about maturity I guess. I suddenly felt the urge of taking more and more photos still with a point and shoot cam but this time, one that has a manual settings to it... It made me realize what I was missing.... the things that you can do are limitless..

I roam the streets of Manila looking for the action, looking for kids playing, Old lady vendors selling cigarettes or even a dog eating garbage... I take pictures and share them, in websites like facebook and multiply. Sharing your work is the best way to learn, and what is the sense of being a photographer or even an artist if you do not show off your work... the price of people admiring and even just looking at your photos is more than enough to make sense of what you are doing. Just like a performer, we are looking for people who would appreciate, applaud or even just see our work... it is enough reward than anything monetary... ehem but ofcourse if somebody would like to buy your work, then why not? LOL

When I got the chance of owning my first DSLR, it became more intense... I researched and studied all the tips that I can find from the internet, read magazines and books that can help me attain the look that I want for my photos.

here are some of my websites:

Thank you for your comments and suggestions....
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