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Intro: Photography is a journey. For every shutter release, it takes you a step further into the journey. For every composition you make, it makes you see better the thing you see in this journey. And for every picture you have taken, it makes you a better person, who would be more appreciative of what you see and evaluative, of your own judgement.

Photography is also an extension of your memory. It captures what you like to see again, or remember. While memories would fade or distort, scene in the photo would remain the same forever. Even if the place or the people,of the scene was, has changed with time. And one day, those pictures you have taken in your life journey,would be your main memory of the things you have forgotten. Or lost. Or loved.

Photography is about a moment in time.We might not be able to go backward or forward in time. But, you could freeze a moment of it. Just so, you could relive again those moments in mind, somewhere in time. Just like everything else in life, you just have to get better. Even in photography. Just so, you could see, remember and feel, again like you did when you first saw it through your viewfinder. And when you released the shutter. Usually, better memories come from better photography.

Recommended Book
National Geographic Photography Field Guide
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