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Eyal RemonName: Eyal Remon
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: I became ‘interested’ in photography a while ago. My first experience of owning a digital camera started with a Canon 20D. I mostly use the camera to record the lives of my family but I tend to take it almost anywhere and almost everywhere I can. Photography represents the shadows of ourselves and our immediate, individual worlds. Today I work with offenders and drug users, rehabilitating them back into a wider society.
Member Since: 2007-10-27
Camera: Canon 20D
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Title: Down that old roadCanon 20D
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Title: Acacia Tortilis, Umbrella Thorn Acacia,Canon 20D
Acacia Tortilis, Umbrella Thorn Acacia,
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Title: PomegranateCanon 20D
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