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Name: stacey hines
Country: United States
Intro: Hello! My name is Stacey originally from Oklahoma, but now residing in Virginia where I am currently stationed in the Navy. I have been a professional photographer, by definition, since I was 18 yrs. old when I graduated Navy Photography "A-school" in January of 2001. But it has definitely taken the last few years to really work on my skills. I have been to a few foreign countries in my military travels, but not as many as I would have liked. I will be getting out of the Navy soon, back to the civilian world where I will be going to college to study either graphics design, photograpy, or computer animation...Not sure which yet, I'm probably going to dabble in all 3.

I love being able to see the world through everyone else's photography here on TN. I am also a member of TrekEarth and TrekLens. I definitely learn a lot from your work and I hope that mine can help others as well...
Member Since: 2004-09-03
Camera: Nikon D100, Nikon D1X, Nikon 8008S
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