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Name: Ann Owens
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Hi everyone!
I live in Devon, UK and have been taking photographs for longer than I care to say! I now work mostly digitally - but still keep a film camera for slides, which I really enjoy because it makes you slow down and think - and there is less work to do post capture!
I would like to do more nature photography - but work and other boring things get in the way of sitting in a hide all day!
I am looking forward to seeing your work - and hope to get constructive crits back on my efforts!
Cheers -

NB: No uploads for a while. I edit a newsletter for a Photographic Federation, and we are two weeks away from a deadline - so, no photography for a while! Soreeee
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Camera: Canon 40D, Canon 10D converted to IR, Canon EOS3
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