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Chris BalcombeName: Chris Balcombe
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Taking pics since I was about eight. Dad bought me a Kodak Instamatic. Then moved onto a Zenith E (remember them?)with the light meter above the lens. Aged about 15, used black school trousers as backdrop, ordinary table lamps for lighting, and a green tree frog from our local pond (I was really into wildlife too) as subject. Kodachrome 25 at a horribly low shutter speed, but sent off one to BBC Wildlife Magazine. Made the front cover! Since then (1970's), lots of pics, mainly for newspapers and mags, and wrote news and features too. Also classic series Dr Who fan and collector of BBC props. Now pic editor at a news and photo agency and in my 50th year. Would love to leave and take the pics I want to, but life isn't like that.
Member Since: 2009-08-29
Camera: Nikon D200, Nikon F4 s
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United Kingdom
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Baby Sand Lizards (2)
solentchris (27)
United Kingdom
Title: Tamarin babiesNikon D200
Tamarin babies (21) *
solentchris (27)
United Kingdom
Title: Birds both grab live foodNikon F4 s
Birds both grab live food
solentchris (27)
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