sotiris mountzelosName: sotiris mountzelos
Country: Greece
Intro: camera nikon d200. lens.Nikon AF VR 80-400 4,5-5,6
hello my name is sotiris
i am from greece.i live in the beatiful village of kerkini which is only 800m away from lake kerkini,a lake protected by international conventions[ramsar,bern,natura2000,etc]because of its biodiversity in flora and fauna.
the lake kerkini is situared in the north part of greece,80tm from thessaloniki
.i work in the management authority of lake kerkini,patrolig the lake.
i am amateur photographer since2007.i like particularly to take photos from nature especially the birds.
i will try though my photos to share with you the uniqe beauty of my place.
thang you for visiting.
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