Name: Joo yong Park
Country: South Korea
Intro: I'm a graphic designer but not a photograper.

I like taking photos
and I want get rememberence all of my watching.

when the first time, I had contact the photography when I am a university student.
of cause I must study the 'photography in studio' course,
because of that is the one of my major.
(I had use the Nikon F3 film camera.)

but... it is not interest... and too hard to me.

but when I had been a designer..
I had make several other person's Photography art book. and I have a chance to learn photography narrative from a prof. Chung.
and I had get too much interest in photography.

I became love 'take a picture'

It is hard to me yet... ^^
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Title: bug eat flowerNikon D70S
bug eat flower
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South Korea
Title: A mosquito eat that honeyNikon D70S
A mosquito eat that honey
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Title: the ant and the aphid
the ant and the aphid (8)
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