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Stelios KritikakisName: Stelios Kritikakis
Country: Greece
Intro: Hello, my name is Stelios Kritikakis, I'm 29 years old, I live in Kalamata Greece and I am a computer programmer. The interest I had in photography begun as a child. A hidden interest among others, which I made true a couple of years ago, when I bought my first dSLR camera.
I have to admit my best friend played his part on that.

The combination of fantasy, inspiration and luck is what photography stands for me.

Many people are against digital processing, saying it's more romantic to take the shot without any further processing.
I believe photography keep enough secrets, waiting, begging us to reveal through digital processing.
Besides I'd like you to see what and how I'm thinking and feeling from taking the shot until making the final picture. In most cases I believe there is a bigger picture inside the one you've shot, and this bigger picture can be revealed through digital processing.

The pictures you'll see mostly, are from Greece, traveling, cities, nature, daily life, and whatever my imagination think is worthy to devote some time for an acceptable final result.

I hope you enjoy my collection,
You're welcome to comment or critique freely as your opinion matters to me in order to become even better.
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