stu goldName: stu gold
Country: United Kingdom
Intro: Hometown of Staffordshire, England in Great Britain.

Started photography at 14 years although i was given a Box Brownie for my eighth birthday.

I don't consider myself a professional and NEVER shall, i have to much fun taking photos !!

Graduate in Mechanical and Technical Engineering with over 20 years Corporate Management Experience.

Photo Journalist and Author over 35 years experience.

Ideas-man for film and TV Screen Plays and i also seek out Suitable Outside Locations for TV and Film Production.

In addition, i have associations with Entertainment Management Agency, PR and Promotion.

Where ever i am in the world i ALWAYS have a camera to hand in case the **Unexpected** actually happens [note: has anyone ever noticed how the unexpected always happens to someone else !!]

As you can see from my equipment list i am a bit of a Camera Nerd, forever buying new Camera Equipment that i think i'll probably need when **The Unexpected** actually arises.

I NEVER throw out any old photo thingy however trivial - after all you never know when it might come in handy do yee !!

I DO NOT eat and sleep FORMAL Photography i have to many other interesting things to think about especially with a hectic Personal Life and with Traveling, music, Good British Food and Country Pub etc. I also like to rise early and sleep at dusk - unless of course someone nice distracts me :)

Anyways all, i hope to have fun in my craft and by the look of some of your photographs here on this site i'm sure i'm going to spend an awful lot of time **that i don't really have** drooling over all of the lovely creative pictures taken and displayed by everyone else.

Cheers for now and Warmest Wishes to all fellow TREKIES !!

Member Since: 2005-07-14
Camera: Canon 40D, Canon 10D, Canon 400D, Canon 5D, Canon A1, Canon AE1, Canon EOS 1N, Canon EOS 3, Canon EOS 50E, canon PowerShot G9, Fujifil S 5600, Fujifilm S 9600, Leica M6, Mamiya 645 E, Minolta X700, Nikon F3, Nikon F4, Nikon FM2
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