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Swaschand LavanName: Swaschand Lavan
Country: United Arab Emirates
Intro: Hello,

My Name is Swaschand Lavan. I'm Indian(from Kerala) but i was born and brought up in Dubai,UAE.
I'm an IT Engineer by profession and work with Etihad Airways(The National Airline of UAE).
I handle all IT Projects related to Flight Operations of Etihad.Currently i am incharge of level 2 EFB(Electronic Flight Bags) for pilots.So basically, the pilots cant fly without the equipment i provide them ;-)
Besides work, i am a travel freak, with my homecountry being my fav destination to where i keep flying to every 2months(the perks of working for an airline :-D ).Whenever i do so, my friends and I(being the adventure freaks we are) always embark on travels/trekking/exploring my country n clicking pictures along the way -which is the reason I am now a part of TrekEarth. I want you ppl out there to look at India through my eyes and understand that there is wonderful n diverse potential to capture enchanting pictures for all you Flora/Fauna fanatics out there. I'm hoping my pictures would want you to visit India too :-)
I will also post pictures i have of the UAE soon.
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