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Name: Tanmoy Roy
Country: India
Intro: By profession I am a Software Engineer..... and Photography is my newly found hobby. Whatever small works I have done so far I am sharing here. Please do comment if you find those interesting and any suggestion for improvement is well accepted.

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Member Since: 2011-10-22
Camera: Canon Powershot SX 20 IS
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Title: Indian Palm SquirrelCanon Powershot SX 20 IS
Indian Palm Squirrel (2)
tanmoyroy_80 (18)
Title: ButterflyCanon Powershot SX 20 IS
Butterfly (2)
tanmoyroy_80 (18)
Title: Beautiful BeastCanon Powershot SX 20 IS
Beautiful Beast (2)
tanmoyroy_80 (18)
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