Name: Wia Kotze
Country: South Africa
Intro: I live in Pretoria South Africa. I love to travel and have travelled quite a bit in Southern Africa and elsewhere. I like to share images from my travels and wish to so so here as well for others to learn more of this beautiful country where I am privileged to stay and travel. As far as my photos go I am still a beginner but a very enthusiastic one. So bear with me whle I learn from your examples and the expertise that you share here. I look forward to your comments and assistance.
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Camera: Kodak DX6490, Kodak Easyshare Z712 IS
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South Africa
Title: Follow my leaderKodak DX6490
Follow my leader (10)
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South Africa
Title: Nursing warthogKodak DX6490
Nursing warthog (4)
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South Africa
Title: CheetahKodak DX6490
Cheetah (8)
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