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Name: Wojciech Baranski
Country: Poland
Intro: My name is Wojciech Barański. I was born 1974 in Poland. I'm interested in photography, I practise sport - mainly I play basketball and squash. I like travelling especially to places, that are not visited by crouds of turists.

My adventure with photography started at the end of 1998. Photography became my passion - I live in a very interesting place what influenced my interest for nature. Very near my house there are ponds, woods and meadows, where wild animals can be found - roe-deers, hares, foxes, herons, aquatic birds and birds of prey and also insects. I started to observe them and tried to capture the moments of their lives on the film. What is the result You can judge by Yourself...

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Member Since: 2006-02-07
Camera: Canon EOS 50, Canon EOS 5D, Zenit 12 xp, Practica MTL50
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Title: Playing in the waterCanon EOS 50
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