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Name: Vanessa Duley
Country: United States
Intro: I'm 23 years old. I was born and raised in Alaska. I've traveled the world to 14 coutnries, but have only been able to photograph the most recent adventure to Kazakhstan with any success. I've been shooting photography for about 3 years and prefer the older style of manual photography shooting a Canon AE-1. I've been shooting mostly slide now and am beginning to explore the realm of B&W.
I was born and lived for 16 years in Glennallen, Alaska, (200 miles east of Anchorage) and while living in Anchorage for the last 7 years I have found a great print shop that many of the pros up here use.
I hope that some day you will have the chance to explore our beautiful state, but if not, here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.
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Camera: Cannon AE1
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