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thank you, experts... rubyfantacy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 84 W: 1 N: 417] (2627)::2012-03-03 2:15
if it is Nature we are talking about, 'every' day in TN is leading me towards 'completeness' through every day's lessons... direct or indirect: straight advices, honest compliments, kind suggestions, strict criticisms, helping to improve through demonstrations (workshops), bringing out the beauties from Nature's magic box and sharing them with us, prompt corrections, proper encouragements and consistency... in so many ways.

when i had joined TN, i had no interests in Dragonflies and Damselflies. all i loved was birds. and butterflies and plants. it is for Ram Thakur (ramthakur) i have fallen in love with Damselflies. no, not Dragonflies yet, though he is an expert in that too. well, someday. it is for our another senior member, Nagaraj V N (nagraj), i am getting interested and managed a little bit knowledge in insects like Wasps, Hoverflies and Spiders. well, here i remember, Lou (euroblinkie), who was the first person to correct me when i called a Hoverfly, a Bee! :) but i consider Lou as an expert in Fungi. now when i explore Nature, i do pause and look minutely at the Fungi that i get to see :)

and butterflies? who can ignore the galleries of Sergio Stella (flashpoint), Luciano Gollini (lousat) and Silvio Sorcini (Silvio2006)?

now my favourite. birds. yes, i love birds and am just mad about them. but i had (well, still have...considering so many varieties!) very little knowledge regarding their IDs and specifications. what i used to notice before was their moods or behaviours. but, now, thanks to Steve Pryor (cuckooroller) and Ivan Kruys (Argus), am under proper guidance and learning. birds? i feel complete. well almost. but someday...who knows...? :)

if am talking about indirect influence i must be talking about the rich galleries of Siegfried (siggi), Ang Hwee Yong (Meerkat), Jose Diogo (josediogo1958), Razvan Zinica (zetu), Christodoulos Makris (chrimakris), Peter Tamas (sirianul), Zeno Swijtink (Zeno), Bartha Tibor (barthatibor), Luis Leal (Luis52), Szabo Jozsef (joska)... to name a few. oh well, here i again meant 'birds', of course :)

i would like to call Lior (LiorAlmagor) an Orchid expert instead. ah, plants! my another favourite. and here comes the rich photography from Ferran J Lloret (ferranjlloret).

i can remember that my interest in insects was very much influenced by Jitti (jcoowanitwong) who is a Butterfly expert as well.

now, photography. because, it is through photography only that we are connected with each other and TN. and here in TN, we show our gratitude towards Nature by capturing Her beauty and moods in as much as the way Nature is. right? yes, it is 'perfection' that am talking about.

and here comes my hearty thanks to my friend, George Veltchev (mwmod99). i found many people get irritated when he points out the WB problems in their photographs. i, myself, though had learnt about WB theoretically, had never cared to give importance to this simple but crucial factor. it is for him, am giving time to take WB seriously. though i have just started experimenting with it and still a stupid in this matter, but at least, i know it's importance now. for example check the workshops done by him to improve the WB in two of my last few posts. how to thank you, George? hope, someday i myself can be this much perfect... lets see :)

friends, as i had told before, TN is a hub of so many talented and dedicated Nature lovers.. and photographers. naming a few, can't do justice to my gratitude towards ALL of them. so, better let it be... a general approach.

dear experts, it is for you am turning into a good daughter of mother Nature (as i believe and love to call myself). it is for you i find happiness even in void. i always had a reason to live, and it is for you, i can now do justice to my trip in this planet Earth.

THANK YOU. just one request. there may be ups and downs in your personal lives. but please, keep faith in yourselves and remain what you are. and then? this a beautiful world :)

Ruby Sarkar
Re: thank you, experts... Porteplume Silver Star Critiquer/Silver Note Writer [C: 27 W: 0 N: 12] (82)::2012-03-04 3:10
Bonjour Ruby,

It is really great to see you happy instead of grumpy! Joke!!!:o)
I'm sincerely glad that you found new experiences on TrekNature and I'm sure you will become as important for others as the ones you've mentioned.

Thank you & kind regards from Viviane / Porteplume
grumpy rubyfantacy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 84 W: 1 N: 417] (2627)::2012-03-04 11:57
hi Viviane,

being happy is sweet. but not that always this world allow you to remain so. okay, good for health. otherwise staying always happy and saying sweet words for all the time and to all the people may lead to diabetes!

am flexible enough to response to any kind of experiences... good or bad. am not biased. i never was. so, when i had been grumpy, i had sufficient reason for that, and now, when i am happy, i do have the same. it's all about logic and emotion :)

thanks for your reply. wish, i could have got one after my very first post. then, things could have been different.

yes, am enjoying my experiences in TN. here by experiences i mean, 'sharing, seeing and learning' only. other experiences are also there. not to mention :)

thanks again