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Gosh ...what a Circus! mwmod99 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 855 W: 655 N: 3361] (14196)::2012-03-21 11:56
Hello friends,
Please have a look carefully the comments of the people in the following post: http://www.treknature.com/gallery/photo272293.htm
Gosh ...we have fun here :))))....can I have a serviette ...please ;))))
George Veltchev
Re: Gosh ...what a Circus! anel Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 3053 W: 3 N: 8715] (40574)::2012-03-21 12:20
Dear George,
I see that TN-Forum goes emotional again! Why don't you just say objectively what is wrong with the picture or what might be improved.
You might be partially right in your considerations, but please don't be sarcastic!
I hate in general lists of names to criticize or to glorify poeople. Somebody will always be hurt in the process.
And if the critiques in general are not always very "true", I think you have to deal with, you never will change that fact.
Bonne soirée
Re: Gosh ...what a Circus! uleko Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 3396 W: 172 N: 3310] (10940)::2012-03-21 12:38
I do agree with you Anne, this should not be a place for personal insults, arguments and quarrels!!
I can't help thinking of Bambi whose mother said:- if you've nothing nice to say, don't say it!! (At least not here on a public site!)
Re: Gosh ...what a Circus! mwmod99 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 855 W: 655 N: 3361] (14196)::2012-03-21 13:37
Hello Anne,
if you read my comment once again you will see that part where I have mentioned the probable cause for the killing of the detail in this image ...Right ...a heavy cropp in other words! In this regards, should I say : Neels, next time Do not cropp the original photograph so hard? Come on Anne! I have a problem however understanding your concern here, You are saying: ..."I hate in general lists of names to criticize or to glorify people. Somebody will always be hurt in the process." Hurt ...really in which way Anne!? Those people are fully grown individuals aren't they ....people with a conscience I guess! Perhaps, telling meaningless lies seems far more insulting and shameful in my opinion! Why then we need all this comments at all? Why we need the point system? Overriding the obvious!!! Come on Anne, I expected from you at least to mention a word about those ridiculous comments....Nonsense to be exact! After all if Neels accept my argument as a legitimate one, he will understand where he made a mistake isn't it ?! So ...back to the POINT, ....lie and they will respect you ....by all means...is that right!? :)))
Re: Gosh ...what a Circus! SunToucher Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2385 W: 237 N: 3033] (11162)::2012-03-21 14:02
It is not about the content but about you seeking the general forum to vent your frustration and to seek attention to what you find incorrect. You may find it correct to do so, but others, including me, find it rude and rather an easy way to make your point. If you don't agree with somebody, take it up with that person instead of making it into a circus and indirectly inslut, attack the person(s) through a general forum.
Re: Gosh ...what a Circus! mwmod99 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 855 W: 655 N: 3361] (14196)::2012-03-21 14:54
I have your point Niek, but do not accept your argument! The word "attack" you are using here seems inflated to me, and I can not find anything rude in my intention to show publicly how some members lies with ease....unnecessary! If you are feeling insulted, please do not read further! I think that this example shows the sad reality in Treknature! And the sad reality is that the point system has been abused to a degree when even a single point given can cause a war ...what a joke Niek!
Re: Gosh ...what a Circus! pirate Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 799 W: 152 N: 1186] (7474)::2012-03-21 15:14
Hakuna matata George
TN is far from perfect, yes, so what?
Take it easy because you wan't change it, that' s how life is, unfair
And still life in general and TN in particular can still be great fun ( but not everyday)
Hakuna matata angry boy
Re: Gosh ...what a Circus! SunToucher Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 2385 W: 237 N: 3033] (11162)::2012-03-21 16:10
My point didn't came with a requirement for acceptance. It is just my view on your way of communication and your search for confirmation. I don not see why I would feel insulted to what you wrote. You didn't address it to me nor did you write anything that could be considered as insulting. Your style of writing may come across as insulting no matter the content, but I can easily ignore that part of your communication style. As mentioned, the comments mad on your statement of circus were not made on the content, but on your way of using the forum. But since your initial thread was a teacer to your real concern, allow me to do reply on the content. The photo you are refering to only received 10 critiques, and all were prety fair in their content. I do not see your comment made on this photo so I do not really understand your concern.
Circus? indeed :) rubyfantacy Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Note Writer [C: 84 W: 1 N: 417] (2627)::2012-03-21 18:38
hmmn... seems, two people have same problem here but in different streams :) one finds, copying an information from a website and not mentioning the site, a crime. dishonesty. and the other person finds, flattering people with sweet lies about their poor posts, a crime. dishonesty.
what i find is, just go straight.
both of you always have options to write your remarks in any post. just do that. that would be really appreciated. but pls don't use lots of complicated sentences [to Neels] or lots of complicated words [to george] for the purpose.
every person has right to say/ do anything [provided no one gets killed :)]. now, if you don't like that, say that. you too have the right to say/ do anything [provided.... ;)]
only, just make it straight.

people are being unjust? fine! let them be. i won't HELP them in being that and i MYSELF won't be. simple!
if you ask my opinion, THIS is my way.

so, chill friends. the world doesn't look the way you want it. that's a fact to be accepted and that's the reason it's interesting. full of varieties.


Re: Circus? indeed :) mwmod99 Gold Star Critiquer/Gold Star Workshop Editor/Gold Note Writer [C: 855 W: 655 N: 3361] (14196)::2012-03-22 0:29
OK Ruby... After all you have mention our weaknesses, spot on ...but we already discussed the issue of the copping information from the Internet! Right! So, I am guilty there ...Big Time! And I am saying "Sorry" for not mentioning this in my posts, SORRY once again! ...and obviously there is another crime which can be attached to my personality : I can not hide behind the curtain of indifference and lies, Ruby even if I am alone here ( seems to me ). You are saying the world doesn't look the way you want it ...how wise !!!...and that's all???? Right ! Ha ha ha, let it be ....right! Can I suggest something....why don't we adopt a standard type of comment in the Treknature's anthem...something like the following:

Hello Niek,
super good sharpness
great details and beautiful colours
super shot
thanks greeting .....

or a bit more sophisticated if you like ( this can make the website looking even more shoppy ! )

Hello Lou,
A top capture of this species,
Excellent POV that catches the lighting well to show fine natural colors. The composition matches the POV, taken with fine sharpness against the contrasting smooth BG.
Very nice!
Thanks and best regards,

this way everything will be under control ....lets just copy and paste those comments and accept them as standard! No other alternatives ...no grumpy faces !! No Point System ...just a single Dark Green Point with an Idiotic smile on it ....Peace and love like in the soundless heavens ... ! Right! This should be the ideal world, I think! That way people like me will be set on their rightful place forever! No questions No answers !
Re: Circus? indeed :) Porteplume Silver Star Critiquer/Silver Workshop Editor/Silver Note Writer [C: 28 W: 0 N: 12] (84)::2012-03-22 1:38
Hi George,

Following the TOS I will lock this discussion but feel free to start a discussion about how you think critiques should be done/written etc.
And if you are starting a new thread please think about that last rule: Attack ideas but not fellow members!

Personal attacks, harassing, intimidating, stalking or threatening other community members are not permitted and will not be tolerated.
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