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How interesting and unusual to hear from someone from abroad who has been to three of my favorite places in the US- Utah, Acadia, and Baxter SP. Not many Americans have been to all of these, so you have done well in your US travels (by my biased estimation).

I like the fact that you appreciate the resemblance of my sand cliffs to Utah rocks- that is world-class beautiful country. Omitted from the original comment is my observation that there are often areas near this beach stream which present a small scale version of the layering, erosion, and talus (or in this case sand) slopes which are typical of canyon rims in places like Bryce Canyon and Cedar Breaks in Utah. The size ratio is huge- the original in Utah can be 100-200 m high and the beach sand version here can be 20 cm high, but the photos can look like the same formation! I will see if I have any of these shots in digital form and possibly post something here.

On the graininess and contrast of this post- this is a tough call. I worried about this and tried different settings, but ended up with ones which brought out the color banding best, since this is the outstanding feature of the image. When I looked carefully at the blurred background dune grasses, I found minimal graininess, and therefore concluded that the appearance of the foreground is due to the actual sand grains (the best possible reason for grainy appearance, I suppose). One other problem with this image is that it was from my first digital camera, a 2.1 MP Olympus from 2001, so sensor noise is almost always an issue when compared to current cameras, even UZ compacts like my Canon S5. Unfortunately, these sand formations don't happen often and I haven't seen them again since this shot was taken. Hence, we can enjoy the image only with some compromises due to early digital technology.

On your own posts, especially the Baxter SP rabbit (snowshoe hare)- I hope you realize how lucky you are. I've been to BSP many times over more than 30 years and have never seen one of them. The fur around the paws is probably diagnostic- the summer version of its built-in snowshoes! A very nice capture.

Hope you enjoy the rest of my Maine images.

Best regards,

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Title: frozen sand cliffsOlympus 700C UZ
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