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Hi Catherine,

i am very disappointed with your decision to leave TN. Its going to be a huge loss for newbies on TN. I understand that most of the critiques/comments do not discuss things honestly. Sometimes, it may happen because of lack of technical knowledge about photography and the object. However, I think that should not stop us from appreciating nature.

I still find that there are too many knowledgeable people around who have been sharing their knowledge about photography as well as nature. I have pasted below some of the critiques I received. They have helped me in improving to some extent. If you compare my initial postings and recent posting, you would find some improvement, though, for me, there is lot to learn. Even if you could improve one person on TN, your have actually made a difference.

I would request you to reconsider your decision. I am sorry if I have offended you by any means.


fransswanepoel (697) [2010-11-27 11:22] [Reply] [+]
Hi Vinay
This is very similar to the Lilac Breasted Roller found in South Africa.
Very well captured with good detail and colors. Good pose and Eye contact. The background compliments the bird well.
A very small crit would be the lh side and top of the perch is slightly over exposed. Maybe use the burn tool to rectify this.
Well done and TFS

CatherineD (14190) [2010-11-25 11:49] [Reply] [+]
Hello Vinay,
Nicd composition and colours. The sharpness could be better on the insect.
This species is a Meloidae or Blister beetle. They produce a defensive secretion, the cantharidin. Be careful : it causes blisters on skin! Nothing to do with Bumble Bee. Meloidae is a family of Coleoptera order. Bumble bees are member of Hymenoptera order. Cheers,

Alan_Kolnik (1161) [2010-11-08 4:01] [Reply] [+]
An interesting bird - the image is not as sharp as it could be due to the shallow depth of field and also possibly the slow (for bird photos) shutter speed.

Gert-Paassen (21010) [2010-07-01 11:39] [Reply] [+]

Hello Vinay,

you ask me to look at this butterfly picture, so i'll be honest with you.
Good composition and blurred background exept the diagonal stripe its disturbing the picture and looks like the butterfly has an arrow through his body.
The colours are fine and natural.
Sharpness could be better a little soft are they now.
It's not overexposed so far as i can see.
Subject not in the middle of the picture is also very good.
You may give also my honest critiques, there you learn from.


Gert-Paassen (21010) [2010-06-30 2:04] [Reply] [+]

Hi Vinay,

I thought I have been geven here critique on this picture? Maybe something wrong!
You have here to many blue in your image see my cornflower?
It's also to much cental in the picture, it's look not sharp.
Have you been brought unsharp mask for placing on internet or to much been cropped?

I mean it it good and honest.



Janice (18780) [2010-06-30 2:52] [Reply] [+]

This is a lantana
Lantana camara - Yellow Sage - Verbenaceae.
The flowers I see here in New Zealand are cultivated varieties, and I know nothing about wild ones in India.
Your focus isn't too strong as the petals are all quite soft.
Still, it's a pretty flower.
You have a good your camera and with more practice you will improve.

jlinaresp (12359) [2010-06-22 9:07] [Reply]

Hello Vinay,
Correct result against the light, good background blur and homogeneous. The settings for the exposure are very good. Perhaps lacking a little sharpness in the butterfly, but still a nice picture in view. TFS, Regards, Jesús

Gert-Paassen (21010) [2010-05-28 10:29] [Reply] [+]

Hi Vinay,

I am always honest, this one are not an good picture.
It looks not sharp and likes overexposed in the white colours.
Dof good, pov with fine natural colours.
I am sorry.

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